By Phoenix – Yule – 2004

Skip is the seed that started it all
Sharon the earth to which the seed did fall
Both are the shelter, the warmth, the embrace
Hospitality, that which we all willingly face

Jennifer the singer of songs loud and true
Amanda who divinity speaks beautifully through
Kia who’s taken the torch, lighted anew
Jen is a friend to us all both of me and you

John with a touch of the greening man
Margaret with earth’s power in her hands
Alyssa who teaches that we all can
Be different, yet be part of the plan

Lisa, whose fire dared us to change
Laurel brought newness, rites rearranged
Carol with words both powerful and bold
Kala whose truth was just simply told

Becca and Bob were two of a kind
Sue, never afraid to speak her mind
Mique, crafter of magic, yet set apart
Sandi’s new role, she left us to start

Cindy, whose words were spoken with power
Marion, whose life was a stars shiny shower
Deb who brought family, faith, now a friend
Ray is the strength; he is here till the end

Alicia, she is quiet but there is power there
Shawn who with kindness shows that he cares
Dennis is magic, so strong and so sure
Teresa brought love and blessing pure

Miss P and Rhino I’ll never forget
Both so strong, so powerful and yet
So were, and are they all
These friends, Folk, that I’ve met

This poem was read as a praise offering at the MMG Yule ritual in 2004. It contains a piece of each person who has been a member of the Folk of the Grove since its beginning. It was written in one burst of creative inspiration. Each time a new member joins the Folk of the Grove, the poem will be expanded!

2014 update.

Ellie whose laughter fills the air
Beth's always there to lend a hand
Grey Catsidhe's creative craft time's test will stand
Candee's healing herbs with care