The Folk of the Grove

[This article was writen by Phoenix and first appeared in our newsletter in 1995. It describes, in a small way, what the Folk of the Grove is about.]

When I think of what I want for Muin Mound Grove, I think of a feeling of family. I think of a community where I can grow and learn with people who are closer than friends. I have been trying for three years to help build a sense of true community within the Grove and now it is beginning to really happen. In my mind, the Folk of the Grove are the people who are first, a national member of Ár nDraíocht Féin. It is as important for us to support the national organization, as it is to support our own Grove. Without the national organization we probably would not have met as we did. We would not have the structure that our Grove has without the National. Face it, everything would be very different. I also feel that it is important for each member of the Folk of the Grove to attended business meetings, for this is where the Grove makes its decisions and does some wonderful work. I also feel that it is important for each member of the Folk to have completed their first circle vigil. This is a way to present yourself to what you hold important as well as making a pledge to work for and with ADF. What I feel is most important for a member of the Folk is to have gone through the Grove Welcoming ceremony. In this ceremony each candidate will be asked questions about why they want to join the Folk of the Grove.

They, most importantly, will have to swear an oath before the Nature Spirits, the Ancestors, and the Gods and Goddesses that they will work for and with Muin Mound Grove as long as they are counted among its folk.

In my mind the Folk of the Grove will function as a community playing and working together. I hope to see special ceremonies performed, discussion groups, parties and a general spirit of learning and understanding. This will be the group that will plan and write the rituals and festivals that we will hold. This will be the part of the Grove that will have separate groups that will function as smaller guilds and SIG's, although they are open to everyone, if the Folk want. They would also be the people who would get to wear the beautiful emblems. Anyone who would fill the requirements listed above and who would ask to join the Folk of the Grove, would be allowed.

We hope to see the numbers of the Folk grow large!
©1995 by Phoenix

Current Folk of the Grove - 12/7/14

Sharon Ellison - Joined the Folk - 10/31/94
Phoenix - Joined the Folk - 10/31/94
Skip Ellison - Joined the Folk - 10/31/94
Willow - Joined the Folk - 3/21/98
KiaMarie Wolfe - Joined the Folk - 6/21/98
Dennis Skinner - Joined the Folk - 7/5/02
Deborah DiPietro - Joined the Folk - 5/1/04
Ray DiPietro - Joined the Folk - 5/1/04
Jennifer Koagel - Joined the Folk - 10/30/04
Alicia Clark - Joined the Folk - 10/30/04
Shawn Clark - Joined the Folk - 10/30/04
Ellie Rowe - Joined the Folk - 10/30/04
Aislinn - Joined the Folk - 8/20/05
Beth Savage - Joined the Folk - ?
Grey Catsidhe - Joined the Folk - 6/17/10
Candee - Joined the Folk - 6/17/10
Megan Thielking - Joined the Folk - 9/24/11
Dragonfly - Joined the Folk - 5/1/13

Updated 12/7/14