Photos from 2012


Getting ready to make candles.

Filling candle molds takes a long time...

Using the winter snow to cool the wax.

We also makde some smaller snow candles!

Spring Equinox

The main offering, a lamb cake made by Phoenix!


The ladies prepare for the Maypole.

The men brought a tree from the woods and secured the old Yule tree to the top.

Everyone adds a ribbon.

Up it goes!


Around and around!

The ribbons are tied!

Dragonfly's Womaning Ceremony

Dragonfly looking lovely!

Three generations of Druids!

The altar.

Willow and Dragonfly

The women of Muin Mound Grove!

The ritual, including Willow's hand-made shawl.


The Autumn Equinox

Ellie's corn dolly.