Autumn Equinox 2014 Omens

Taken with Oghams by Skip.

Pre-ritual omen. The question asked was how will this rite help us?

Honeysuckle Honeysuckle - it will bind people to us.

The main question asked was - What lessons do we need to work on during the next six weeks?

Ash Ancestors - Ash - Ancient Lore.

Sea, Vine Nature Spirits - my modifier for the Sea, followed by Vine - the sign of the Grove.

Honeysuckle Shining Ones - Honeysuckle again! More binding for us.

After-ritual omen. The question asked was how was the rite received?

Ivy Ivy - the quest for the inner self.

Overall - The Kindreds tell us to look to the ancient lore and the Grove will support us and bind us together, and build up our inner selves.