Beltaine 2005 Omens

Taken with Oghams and drawn by Skip.

Ancestors: Alder

Ancestors give us the van of the war band and a shield against problems.

Nature Spirits: First ogham drawn was my modifier for the land - Norway Maple.

Then my modifier for the Sea - Rush.

And then for the third High Day in a row, Blackthorn. The Spirits of nature are warning us about problems with the land that will come from water.

Gods and Goddesses: Muin, the Vine and symbol of our grove. The deities are showing us the strength of our grove.

Overall the Kindreds are showing us that there are still problems ahead that will take more than just offerings given in ritual to overcome. We need to work on taking care of the land on a daily basis and to do as much as we can for it.

An other omen was taken after the ritual asking the question, "Why do we keep getting Blackthorn?"

And the answer was hazel, we need to learn the lessons to gain the wisdom!