Omens from the Beltaine 2011 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

The main question asked was: What lessons do the kindreds have for us over the next 6 weeks?

Alder The pre-ritual omen was Fern, the Alder. We will receive the guidance we need.

Poplar From the Ancestors, we drew Éabhadh, the White Poplar. We have the ability to float above our problems.

Spindle VineFrom the Spirits of Nature, we drew two that came out together. They were Ór, the Spindle and Muin, the Vine.The community sustains us and is the source of the prophecy and joy we find in our workings.

HazelFrom the Shinning Ones, we drew Coll, the Hazel. This tells us we will receive the wisdom to answer our problems.

SpindleThe after-ritual omen was Ór, the Spindle again. This tells us that the community is the most important thing around us.