Omens from the Beltaine 2013 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams. 50 degrees F for the rite. The weekend before it had been 80 degrees F.

The main question asked was: What lessons do the kindreds have for us over the next 6 weeks?

Spindle The pre-ritual omen was Ór, the Spindle - community.

Apple From the Ancestors, we drew Ceirt, the Apple - the Otherworld and the bounty of the Land.

Hazel From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Coll, the Hazel - wisdom and the bounty of the Land.

Willow From the Shinning Ones, we drew Sail, the Willow - mystery.

Blackthorn The after-ritual omen was Straif, the Blackthorn - problems.

The Kindreds tell us to savor the coming warmth and bounty the Earth provides us, but we may find problems in the next six weeks.