Imbolc 2005 Omen

A very 'interesting' omen last night. It was a beautiful evening in our Nemeton. The snow was a little over knee deep, about 20", around it and the temperature was up in the low twenty's instead of the sub-zero we had been experiencing. Thursday night we hit -23.9 and Friday night it was -13.8 ;-)

I took the omen using the oghams from my magical training system. In this system, I have added three 'modifiers' as a 6th aicme. If a modifier is drawn in a reading, it means that it will influence the entire omen and another few is drawn to replace it. Since I developed the system in 1999, I have never received 2 modifiers in the same omen. At least until last night ;-)

Normally in a ritual omen, I ask the question, "How were the offerings received?" Last night for some reason, what came out when I asked it was, "What will the next quarter," and then I corrected myself and continued, "the next six weeks bring us?"

The ogham drawn from the Ancestors was my modifier for the sky, Bird Cherry.

The ogham drawn to replace it was Rowan, a tree of magic and shape-shifting (think of the tales of Druids touching someone with their rowan wands to transform them).

Normally, I would consider the rowan to signify protection, but changes and shifting shapes was what came into my mind at first here.

From the Spirits of Nature, the ogham drawn was my modifier for the land, Norway Maple.

The ogham drawn to replace it was Blackthorn, signifying problems ahead.

The ogham drawn for the Shining Ones was Silver Fir, telling us that we needed to take the long view

I considered the omen 'acceptable,' not fully good, but based on the question actually asked, it was showing us it was there as a warning, not that we could do anything about it. The ritual concluded normally.

There are two interpretations to this omen. The first, and what I talked about during the ritual, was that we were going to continue having the heavy storms and bitter cold temperatures until the equinox. This would be 'making up' for the extremely mild winter we had been having. Up until the first week in January, we were in the top 5 years for lowest snow amounts and warmest temperatures.

The second interpretation, and what we discussed sitting around after ritual eating, was that 'something' coming from the sky would be creating changes to the land that would be causing problems for us and that we would need to take the 'long view' to get through them.

In either case, it's time for the grove members to stock up the pantry and to make sure that extra gas for the generator and diesel for the tractor is on hand ;-)