Imbolc 2012 Omens

Omen taken by Skip using Oghams. Very rainy and windy before the rite, then stopped for the rite.

Pre-ritual question asked was - What will this ritual bring us?

Blackthorn Pre-ritual - Straif, the Blackthorn - troubles and problems.

Main question asked was - What lessons should be worked on for the next six weeks?

SkyVine From the Ancestors - first my modifier for the Sky - Craobh Fhiodhag, the Bird Cherry, followed by Muin, the Vine. The Sky will modify everything, then it is the time for intoxication and prophecy.

Alder From the Nature Spirits - Fern, the Alder - the Kindreds will guide us.

Gorse From the Shining Ones - Onn, the Gorse - collecting things to you.

Broom After ritual - nGéadal, the Broom - we have the tools we need.