Lúghnasadh 2012 Omens

Taken with Oghams by Skip.

The pre-ritual question asked was: What will this work bring?

Hawthorn The pre-ritual omen was Uath, the Hawthorn. Counseling and protection..

The main question asked was: What will we need to work on for the next six weeks?

Oak From the Ancestors, we drew Dair, the Oak. This will give us the strength we need.

Willow From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Sail, the Willow. Look to the mysteries.

Fir From the Shining Ones, we drew Ailm, the Silver Fir. We must take the long view and not just look at the short term.

Oak The after-ritual drawn was Dair, the Oak again. More strength.

Over the next six weeks, we should look to the mysteries, and we will have the protection and strength we need to delve deeply into them. These might be the mysteries of heat, drought, summer, etc.