Lúghnasadh 2013 Omens

Taken with Oghams by Skip.

The pre-ritual question asked was: What will this work bring?

EamhanchollThe pre-ritual omen was Eamhancholl, the Witchhazel. Magic and good times.

The main question asked was: What will we need to work on for the next six weeks?

Oak From the Ancestors, we drew Dair, the Oak. Strength and knowledge of th Druids.

Onn From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Onn, the Gorse. We will be collecting things to us.

Muin From the Shining Ones, we drew Muin, the Vine. We will find joy and prophecy.

Úr The after-ritual drawn was Úr, the Heather. Healing.

The next six weeeks will go well, and the omens are good.