Lúghnasadh 2014 Omens

Taken with Oghams by Skip.

The pre-ritual question asked was: What will this work bring?

LandEamhanchollThe pre-ritual omen was first my modifier for the Land, followed by Eamhancholl, the Witchhazel. The Land and Magic will influence the work we do.

The main question asked was: What will we need to work on for the next six weeks?

Elder From the Ancestors, we drew Ruis, the Elder. The Fair Folk.

Fir From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Ailim, the Fir. We need to use the long view.

Willow From the Shining Ones, we drew Saille, the Willow. We need to be flexible and bend with storms so we do not break.

SkyAsh The after-ritual drawn was first my modifier for the Sky, followed by Nuin, the Ash. Ancient Lore tells us that even though storms may come, everything will be well..

The Fair Folk guard over this land and we need to be flexibile, because if we do not bend, we break. Tthe omens are good, and a warning.