Mabon 2004 Omens

Omens were taken by Skip using oghams.

Pre-ritual: Uath - Hawthorn - protection and counseling would be the key points in the ritual.

During ritual: Question asked was what will the next 6 weeks bring for us.

Ancestors: Tinne - Holly - justice and balance would be needed.

Nature Spirits: Muin - Vine - as well as the symbol of our grove, prophecy and the lack of inhibitions, such as to say the hard things, will be needed.

Shining Ones: Dair - Oak - Strength and knowledge are there for us to use.

Post-ritual: Muin - Vine - The community of the grove and the neccesity to say what is needed are most important elements drawn from the ritual.

Pre and post ritual omens were drawn by 2 of the children present.