Fall Equinox 2009 Omens

Omens were taken by Skip using oghams.

The question asked was: What blessings will the Kindreds give us?

Spindle The pre-ritual omen was Spindle. This tells us to look to our community.

Rowan From the Ancestors, we drew Rowan. This talks to us about protection.

Ivy From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Ivy. This talks to us about gaining knowledge of the inner self.

Sea From the Shining Ones, first we drew the modifier for the Sea. This tells us the the sea will support us.

Holly Next was drawn Holly. This tells us that we will find justice.

For the after-ritual omen, the question was asked: What will we take forth from this working?

Yes The omen drawn was Yew. We will take forth the knowledge of rebirth.