Midsummer - 2004Omens

Drawn by Dennis using Runes.

Nature Spirits: Inguz

Inguz is the rune of the Norse God Ing or Freyr. The Nature Spirits are telling us to continue to work hard and the land and our lives will be fertile. This rune is especially fortuitous as Freyr is one of my Patrons.

Ancestors: Jera

Jera is the rune of the year, of cycles that take a long time to complete. The Ancestors are telling us that they have seen and heard us as we honor them throughout the year and we should continue.

Shining Ones: Sowilu

Sowilu is also a rune of time and cycles, but much shorter ones. Sowilu is the rune of the sun, Sunna's rune. This is a great omen and it tells me that Sunna was very apprecitive of us honoring her this Midsummer.

Overall: The Kindreds are pleased with our work and if we continue we will not only be rewarded with their blessings and good things in our lives now, but continuing into the future.