Samhain 2002 Omens

Taken by Laurel Flynn using tarot cards.

The first set of cards drawn during our Samhain ritual, to answer the
question: "How was our sacrifice received?"

the Nature Spirits: the Hanged Man
the Shining Ones: the Sun
the Ancestors: the Devil

The Hanged Man is a "transition" card, the person suspended, waiting, in stasis, perhaps in a sacrificial mindset, enduring for the sake of knowledge, as Odin hung from Yggdrasil for the rune-magic.

The Sun is the glory of the day, the clear light, the heat of summer; oh to be out in the sun yet, be careful not to fly too close or the wax in your wings will melt.

The Devil may be evil and representative of many hateful things, depending on how he appears in a layout but usually he indicates bondage, being chained to our own darker impulses or indulgence in negative habits and activities.

Our sacrifices and Praises were acknowledged but did we glory in the Kindreds or did we do the sacrifices and Praises for ourselves and what we could gain? We must unchain ourselves from poor spiritual habits and remember why we do offerings.

I did not announce this at ritual but shared the cards with Skip and Kia since I have no experience with resoundingly negative omens.

After seeing our negative omen, indicating the Kindreds' dissatisfaction with our offerings, Skip drew an ogham, Broom--magical tools. This indicated what type of offerings were desired.

Further offerings were made: the feather wand which the Grove has used for so long to cense ritual participants as they enter the Nemeton, most of the rest of the sage branches, my original tarot bag. Kia gave of her hair (ouch).

The omen was drawn again:

the Nature Spirits: the Hanged Man (again)
the Shining Ones: Desire (usually called Strength)
the Ancestors: the Lovers

Which I interpreted as meaning that we have the will, the lust, the desire to sacrifice and learn, to wait if we must, but we have the choice also. Once we make the choice, other paths are gone so we must choose wisely. This is a better omen but still a warning.

Seeing the Hanged Man again, like Odin on the tree, inspired Skip to sacrifice his first set of rune-stones to the well. I have vowed to bring my first set of Tarot cards for a sacrifice at next ritual.