Samhain 2005 Omens

The omens from the Muin Mound Grove Samhain ritual were interesting. As many here may remember, we had been having a string of omens talking about 'problems' coming from the sky and happening to the land. I think this set of omens clears some of that up. The omens were taken by me using the oghams.

Nature Spirits - Silver Fir -we need to look to things that are happening with the long view.

Shining Ones - Broom - that which sweeps clean and renews.

Ancestors - Hazel - wisdom and the knowledge that this has happened before and all will eventually be well.

Talking about it after, we realized that we had been looking at all the omens that referred to problems with the land and coming from the sky on too local a level. It really was letting us know what would happen on the planet as a whole, not simply here in Syracuse.