Omens from Samhain 2008 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

HollyBefore the ritual, Skip pulled one few to see "what would the worship service bring us?" Skip drew Tinne, the holly. This gives us justice.

Gooseberry From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Ifín, the gooseberry. This talks to us about the wonders of nature around us.

Land Silver FirFrom the Shinning Ones, we drew first Skip's modifier for the Land. That was followed by Ailm, the Silver Fir. This talks to us how we need to take the long view while thinking about protecting the land, and how important it is to us.

AshFrom the ancestors, we drew Fern, the ash. This tsalks to us of the ancient knowledge that we bring back.

HoneysuckleAfter the ritual, Skip drew one final few to answer the question, "what have we learned from this work?" He drew Uilleann, the honeysuckle. This talks to us about drawing and collecting things to us.