Omens from Samhain 2010 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

The question was: What lessons do the Kindred's want us to work on over the next six weeks?

Gorse For our Pre-ritual omen, we drew Onn, the Gorse. This reminds us about collecting things to us.

Rowan From the Ancestors, we drew Luis, the Rowan. This talks to us about protection, and the Fair Folk.

Spindle From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Ór, the Spindle. This tells us to look to our community.

Yes From the Shining Ones, we drew Iodhadh, the Yew. This talks to us about re-birth.

Spindle For our after ritual omen, we drew Ór, the Spindle again. This reminds us how important our community is to us.