Omens from the Samhain 2014 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

The question was: What lessons do the Kindred's want us to work on over the next six weeks?

Nion For our Pre-ritual omen, we drew Nion, the Ash. This teaches us about the Ancient Lore.

Oak From the Ancestors, we drew Dair, the Oak. This teaches us of the strength of the Druids.

Birch From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Beith, the Birch. This teaches us to look for new beginnings.

Hazel From the Shining Ones, Coll, the Hazel. This teaches us of wisdom.

Oak For our after ritual omen, we drew Dair, the Oak again. This gives us more strength!

Overall, the omen are very good. The Kindreds tell us that we have the strength we need to grow.