Omens from the Samhain 2015 Worship Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams. Pouring rain just before the service, but slowed down for it. You could see your breath @ about 40degrees!

The question was: What lessons do the Kindred's want us to work on over the next six weeks?

Oak For our Pre-ritual omen, we drew Dair, the Oak. This teaches us of the strength of the Druids.

Blackthorn From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Straif, the Blackthorn. This talks to us of the problems ahead.

Fir From the Shining Ones, Ailm, the Silver Fir. This teaches us we need to take the long view.

Poplar From the Ancestors, we drew Éabhadh, the White Poplar. This tells us we can float above our problems.

Hazel For our after ritual omen, we drew Coll, the Hazel. This teaches us of wisdom.

Overall, the omen are good. The Kindreds tell us that we are going to have problems from the land, but we have the strength to take the long view and float above our problems.