Omens from the Spring Equinox 2006 Ritual

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

Before the worship service started, I drew one ogham disk while asking the question, "what will be the outcome of the service?" In response, I drew Broom, a tool that sweeps out the old and restores a cleansing to a place.
Now this may have well have been in reference to the work that we had been doing in the deck room and how this was the first ritual since the walls were finished ;-)

During the worship service, from the Ancestors while asking the question, "What blessings from the Ancestors?" I drew Elder, a tree whose very name speaks of the ancestors. Elder is also a tree well loved by the Fair Folk and drawing this shows the acceptance of both the Ancestors and Spirits of Nature for what we are doing.

Next from the Spirits of Nature while asking the question, "What blessings from the Spirits of Nature?" I drew Apple, another tree associated with the Otherworld and the Fair Folk. This draw reinforces the few pulled for the Ancestors.

Then from the Shining Ones while asking the question, "What blessings from the Shining Ones?" I drew Ash. Along with being the World Tree, ash is a tree of great strength, straightness and stability. A very good answer to our question.

After the worship service was finished I drew one final few asking the question, "How will these blessings be used by us?" The first few I pulled was the Bird Cherry, my modifier that shows that the 'sky' will be influencing what happens in the near future. This was followed by Alder, a tree that to me shows guidance and old wisdom. So it looks as though the blessings were well received and will be used wisely by us.