Omens from the Spring Equinox 2012 Service

Omen taken by Skip using the oghams.

Pre-ritual question was - What will this ritual bring us?

Oak The pre-ritual omen was Dair, the Oak, the strength of the Druid.

Main question asked was - What lessons shall be worked on for the next six weeks?

Alder From the Ancestors, we drew Fern, the Alder. This talks to us of guidance.

Spindle From the Spirits of Nature, we drew Ór, the Spindle. This talks to us about community.

Gooseberry From the Shinning Ones, we drew Ifín, the Gooseberry. This talks to us of the Spirits of Nature.

Land Rowan After ritual omen was my modifier for the Land - Mailp, the Norway Maple, followed by Luis, the Rowan. This tells us that the Land controls all and gives us protection.

Overall, the omens are good and tell us that using the guidance from the Ancestors, we can work to build the community as the Spirits of Nature come out early to help us.