Summer Solstice - 2014 Omens

Drawn by Skip using the Greek Alphabet Oracle. The rite was done in a Hellenic format, and there were 7 people present with temperatures in the mid 70's.

The Greek Alphabet Oracle was developed by Apollonius Sophistes, and more information about it can be found here -

The question asked was: What lessons will we learn in the next 6 weeks?

Pre-ritual: Σ Sigma - “Phoibos [Apollo] speaks plainly {Saphôs}, ‘Stay, friend.’” Plainly: distinctly, certainly; stay: wait, stand fast, remain.

Ancestors: Θ Theta - “You have the helping Gods {Theoi} of this path.”
Helping: propitious, defending; path: road, course, way.

Nature Spirits: Γ Gamma - “Gaia [the Earth] {Gê} will give you the ripe fruit of your labors.” Ripe: complete, final; fruits: produce, returns, profits, results.

Shining Ones: Χ Khi - “Succeeding, friend, you will fulfill a golden {Khruseos} oracle.” Succeeding: gaining your end, hitting the mark, meeting someone; fulfill: bring to pass, cause, accomplish.

After:Khi again.

Overall, the omens are good.