Yule 2009 - Omens

Done with Oghams - drawn by Skip.

The question was: What lessons do the Kindred's want us to work on over the next six weeks?

VineBefore the service started, one ogham was drawn to see how the service would work out. The ogham drawn was Muin, the vine. This tells us that prophecy will be told.

BlackthornFrom the Ancestors - Blackthorn - there will be problems..

WillowFrom the Nature Spirits - Willow - the ability to bend and sway.

AppleFrom the Shining Ones - Apple - the Otherworld and the promise it offers.

HollyAfter the service, one final ogham was drawn to see how things went. The ogham drawn was Holly - justice.

Overall, the reading told us that even though there will be problems, we can work through them.