Yule 2013 - Omens

Done with Oghams - drawn by Skip. This was another very snowy event!

The question was: What lessons do the Kindred's want us to work on over the next six weeks?

Apple Pre-ritual omen - Qwert - Apple - the promise of the Otherworld.

Fir From the Ancestors - Ailm - Fir - take the long view.

Rown From the Nature Spirits - Luis - Rowan - protection and magic.

Heather From the Shining Ones - Úr - Heather - healing and homelands.

Witchhazel After omen - Eamhancholl - Witchhazel - magic.

Overall, good omens. If we look to the long time frame, not the individual storm, the winter will be good and we will have the protection and magic we need.