Services of Muin Mound Grove

From Grey Catsidhe and Weretoad's wedding in 2009. Photo by Joe Pietruch and Cathy Razim

Along with the eight High Holidays, our grove celebrates other rites of passage with our members such as handfastings, sainings, and funerals/memorials for the dead. Muin Mound Grove is lucky to have Rev. Skip Ellison, a fully consecrated priest.  As such, Muin Mound can offer legal wedding ceremonies to ADF Members and other interested Pagans in the Upstate NY area.


Grey Catsidhe and Weretoad's wedding altar, 2009. Photo by Joe Pietruch and Cathy Razim

There are two different ways that this ceremony can be done.  First, it can be performed as part of a High Day ritual as a magical working, or it can be done as a completely separate ritual at a venue of your choice.  A handfasting usually includes cords to bind the hands and a broom to jump.  Skip has performed several handfastings and is experienced at creating a personal, organized liturgy.  The ceremony can be as explicitly Pagan as the couple desires.  For more information on handfastings, please contact Rev. Skip Ellison at

Naming and Saining a Baby

There are several ideas about naming and saining ceremonies for a newborn baby.  In Pre-Christian Ireland, there are records of passing a newborn through a fire three times while asking the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses on the baby, or of carrying a baby three times around a fire to bless it.  Several charms that were collected  from Christianized Ireland were published in Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael.  ‘Silvered Water,’ which is water that has had silver in it, figures prominently in these charms.  Most of these were to be done as soon as possible after birth.  Using his knowledge of ancient tradition, Rev. Skip Ellison can perform a baby naming and saining ceremony.  For more information on this, please contact Rev. Skip Ellison at